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Specialty Services

At East Coast Eye Care, we pride ourselves on the ability to give full scope, complete eye healthcare for our patients of all ages. Optometric care is much more than just glasses and contact lenses; often there are patients who require more than that. We offer a variety of specialty eye services for those patients who need them. Continue reading on this page to learn more about the specialty care our eye doctors in Clarenville can provide.

Our doctors are committed to improving your overall eye health. We provide all of the following specialty eye care:


It is thought that Dry Eye disease may affect up to 80% of the adult population. Dr. Clare Halleran has made Dry Eye a focus of her practice for the past 6 years and lectures nationally, sits on advisory boards of dry eye medical panels as well as presents clinical research on the topic internationally.

Dry eye can have many different symptoms including but not limited to: burning, itching, scratching and gritty eyes. As well, Dry eye can cause the eyes to water and the vision to fluctuate a lot. If you think you have dry eye we encourage you to call our office to schedule a visit with us to discuss the problems you’re having with your dryness.

Please visit http://www.dryeyedisease.ca to learn more about dry eye disease.


Dr. Clare Halleran is trained in the fitting of custom Scleral Contact lenses. These lenses allow those patients who have been unable to wear other conventional contact lenses to successfully wear contact lenses. Patients who require contact lenses of this nature include: high refractive errors, those with keratoconus or other corneal diseases, post Lasik correction needs and those with severe dry eye.

Scleral lenses are large diameter contact lenses that are custom fit to a patient’s eye and allow for great comfort as well as vision. In some cases these lenses are the only way patients may have their vision successfully corrected.

For more information about scleral lenses and to learn if they may be the right form of correction for your eyes, please visit www.sclerallens.org


Dr. Clare Halleran also uses contact lenses as a way to control the progression of near-sightedness or myopia in young patients. If you are concerned about the rapid progression of your child’s myopia please contact our office to set up a time to speak with Dr. Halleran about ways to slow the progression.


If you are considering Lasik to correct your vision, the doctors at East Coast Eyecare can help you by discussing your options and getting you in touch with the right doctor to perform the procedure. We can also perform pre- and post-operative care.


Sometimes patients have problems related to focusing and eye movements that require more than just glasses to help remedy the problem. These issues are known as binocular vision disorders.

It is estimated that 1 in 10 children have a vision problem severe enough to affect their learning in school. Through vision therapy exercises and programs, patients can develop more efficient vision, which may enable them to be more productive when learning. Dr. Lorielle Pevie has a special interest in the evaluation and diagnosis of binocular vision disorders. She will work with patients on areas that require special attention and develop a treatment plan to help improve vision and eye coordination.

If you think yourself or your child may be suffering from vision conditions like this we urge you to contact our office to schedule a time to speak with Dr. Pevie about this.

If you would like to know more about vision therapy and binocular vision testing, please visit http://visiontherapycanada.com

Optical Services

East Coast Eyecare is here to keep your eyes healthy. We offer a variety of optical services that are focused on improving and maintaining your overall eye health. Our eye exams in Clarenville include extensive pre-testing, including the testing of eye pressure, cornea thickness measurement and a retinal photograph. These photographs allow us to take a close look at the retina and are used to help identify disease or other health issues that could happen in the future. Our eye doctors do their best to identify problems early and get you started on the correct treatment plan as soon as possible.


 We offer all of the following optical services:

  • Comprehensive eye exams 
  • Retinal photograph
  • OCT retinal scanning
  • Contact lens consultation, fitting and evaluation
  • Glaucoma screening
  • Visual field examination
  • Diabetic eye examination
  • Pre- and post-evaluation for laser surgery
  • Ocular disease treatment and management


 At East Coast Eyecare we offer a variety of eyewear and other vision products. We can provide our patients with all of the following:

  • Prescription glasses
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Safety glasses
  • Dry eye products (lubricating drops, wipes)
  • Heated eye masks
  • Contact lenses and lens supplies
  • Professional grade Omega 3 supplements

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The entire Clarenville Region as well as the Bonavista Peninsula.

However, we are happy to serve anyone who may want to take advantage of the services we provide that may not be available elsewhere.